A Start of Something

originally written: December 30, 2016

posted first on Medium

2016 is nearing its end, but i can’t tell whether it had passed swiftly or had been a slow and dragging day-to-day walk. I can tell you though that most of my resolutions have not been fulfilled. The pragmatics stopped creating an endless list of resolutions, and rationalised that the coming year should be confronted head on, and can just be welcomed as it comes. For the control freaks, there always exist that list: a detailed layout of how to use every single box of the 365 empty boxes of the calendar. Then comes the question of what should it really be? In my opinion, a middle ground is a favourable environment to survive. At least plan a little and not plan a little. Find a way to awaken that stagnant spontaneity in you, and at the same time, set your eyes fixed on your long-term goal -however impossible that may be.

Someone told me in some of my conversations with random people in the past that resolutions are not practical. That it breeds from motivation, and motivation is temporary. It comes and it goes. Discipline, on the other hand, is permanent. It becomes you, it becomes embedded in your DNA. So try to reconcile motivation and discipline,for in doing so, your probability for success will reach a new height.

This year that is slowly slipping away has been spent. But in where? on what? Have we actually given ourselves time just for ourselves? or have we unselfishly given our time for others? Keep in mind that a life filled with never-ending committments can momentarily stop life itself- or at least stop someone from living and seeing the peripheral beauty of the journey. Oftentimes, unknowingly everything and everyone are forced to the side while the major goal takes the center stage. In the quest for success, the value of family becomes next to none, yet the value of success measured by monetary wealth becomes high.

This is not the right way. Success does not only pertain to wealth or fame or luxury. Contrary to that, success is not the end, it is the beginning. The true measure of success is not what you possess in the end, but the wisdom you’ve acquired on the way. It is not a measure of what you can buy, it is of what you can give.

The new coming year somehow brings a spark of hope in everyone, knowing that the new year may bring endless potentials for change. It could be a year when one has finally gathered enough determination and courage to undergo a weight loss journey. For some, it could be a year to mend broken connections and build bridges again. The holidays that precede the beginning of the new year can be an opportune moment to rekindle the glory days of the past. The restless hearts, the passionate ones, may see the coming year as a jumpstart to pursue passions. The frustrated writer may try harder to begin and really finish a novel that has been conceptualised many years ago. For the hiding in the shadows soon-to-be-photographer, this could be a year to purchase a camera and bring to artistic life the mundane. A passionate artist may finally pick a brush dabbed over palletes and create a masterpiece yet to be discovered. It’s endless. YOU CAN PURSUE WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES! try the best you can to find what others have seen in you. And when you get there, you will realise the vast inifinity that lies before you.

True enough, we can take that literally as well. Some may already have enough funds to travel and see before their eyes the infinite beauty of the world. But not that travelling should be expensive. A simple trip to a local restaurant you have been itching to try out can bring an unforgettable experience all the same. We can always dream of lavish and expensive destinations, but not everyone has the priviledge to – maybe in terms of resources or just plainly immigration constraints. TRY AT LEAST- nothing is impossible for a hungry heart. Then you can jump up and down, cartwheel, run in circles, and make crazy faces. After all, these are what life is supposed to be. To live the days as though it’s the last. To jump up and down when you need to wake up from a deeply intoxicating high expectations. To cartwheel when you feel the need to be young again. To run in circles when you need to be alone with your thoughts. And to make faces -whatever face that is- to release all those stored tension and emotional turmoil inside you.

The spirit of the holidays and the new year just lurking around the corner leave most of us in the pit of our deepest thoughts. We reflect on what has happened during the year: our failures and victories. But particularly, for the hopeful ones, we dissect where we fell short and deliberately hope for a lightbulb moment on how we can make up for them in the future. We do in repitition what we think we did right, and we abandon the doings we feel have not made our life or others’ lives better. It is another chance served in a platter masked in magnificent fireworks display.

Happy New Year!




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