Book Review: How To Be Parisian * wherever you are

Authors: Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigret, and Sophie Mas 

This is my ultimate Parisian living guide. It is not a secret to all of my friends, and to the ones who know me, that Paris, more than any city in the world, is where my entirety belongs to. And this book have helped me discover not only the Parisian culture but also myself – in who I am and who I am not, and in the fibers of my being that is strongly Parisian. Not to abandon every patriotic bone in my body, but the Parisian lifestyle speaks to me profoundly. It gives meaning to my existence. It inspires me to continue learning. It sparks up my curious self to discover the many little things that may or may not make me happy.

I am still a Filipino in however way possible. I am still your average Asian in every sense of the word- black hair, brown skin. But this book (How to be Parisian) doesn’t necessarily force you to become Parisian, It renders understanding about culture and arts. Our differences and similarities. And I am somewhat happy to be able to realize the Parisian spin in being a full-pledged Filipino. My sensibilities maybe restrained and far too conservative as to the European’s, but it is comforting how a little of something challenges you to question your own, enhance your belief to new heights, and not entirely abandon your core in the process. I am deeply inspired, empowered even, by this book.


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