Social Media (Shaming and Hating): An Advice

Reading social media posts and articles shaming other people really gets me. I mean, come on people! No one has the right to throw insults and hypocrisy out on the wind to prove a point.

The world is supposed to be diverse, meaning there are inevitable differences in race, culture, religion, gender, background – and perhaps our genetic make-up or our human anatomy may have similarities, but our drives in life are different. We are rational beings and our frame of minds are unique. But just because we are thinking individuals don’t permit us the liberty to step on others and shove our beliefs into their way of life.

It saddens me how people can get to a polluted zone over the relatively normal existence of our differences: in religion, in race, in gender orientation, or in our individual choices.

Surely, nobody has the power to stop others from voicing out their opinions. We live in democracy, in which I noticed have become an excuse to pass on negativity. This democratic freedom is tainted, blurred, to the point of abuse. Why has it become difficult to leave people alone? If others choose to live differently, let them. If they want to believe in a God other than yours or simply not believe in anything at all, let them. Clearly, there is no need to add fuel to fire. Just put off the fire once and for all and shut up.

People are entitled to have opinions -even judgements- but why has it become outrageously hard to contain it? Yes, they are your thoughts, your perceptions of life, but it becomes catastrophic when negative judgements (often not constructive) are proudly expressed. These noxious intentions, when out in the open, can in actual fact, destruct the good life other people have carefully established for themselves.

Again, we are different from each other. Our personalities differ. Not everyone is gifted with resilience, confidence, strength. These traits are built from hard work. And vulnerabilities do exist and it’s destructive.

I was NEVER taught to shut up when I don’t have good things to say. I learned it by myself, because that’s how our core is built. We are built to love, not to hate. So why have we become critical of others? We look at other people and only see the faults. Most often, we impose our own standards on others. And when other people’s standards are higher than ours, we are remorseless to ourselves.

The first person (the King) whom the little prince came across said:

“That is the most difficult thing of all. It is much more difficult to judge oneself than to judge others. If you succeed in judging yourself rightly, then you are indeed a man of true wisdom.”

I plea, therefore, that we become humans of true wisdom. Let us be kinder not only to ourselves but particularly to others.


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